#7 Installation directories



%dir %{_datadir}/games/%{name}


| Data files (maps, pixmaps, sounds) go in %{_datadir}/%{name} ,
| not %{_datadir}/games/%{name} . Binaries go in %{_bindir} and
| not /usr/games. According to the FHS, the use of /usr/share/games
| and /usr/games is optional, and we recommend not using either for
| consistency, so that games are packaged like all other applications.


(In reply to comment #12)

Which is what I've just tried, because I was curious to figure out how much
effort would be needed to adhere to the Games SIG's packaging guidelines.

If you have not already seen, this is reported in NEWS file in the original source:

Version 1.0 (1 Jan 2012)


  • Changed installation directories according to Filesystem
    Hierarchy Standard (/usr/bin to /usr/games, /usr/share to


Maintainer could already have a reverse patch.

Could we fix the installation directories to adhere to the Games SIG's packaging guidelines?


  • - 2013-01-24

    If I changed the installation directories to adhere to the Fedora Games SIG, I would violate the guidelines of Debian-based distros, which install games to /usr/games. I do not consider the current behavior to be a bug because it follows the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

    Unfortunately, the CMake version required by Pentobi 5.x (CMake 2.8) allows only to specify CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and does not support more a fine-grained definition of installation directories. In newer CMake versions, there is a module named GNUInstallDirs, which makes it possible to define CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR and CMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR.

    I will use GNUInstallDirs beginning with the next major Pentobi release (Pentobi 6.0). For Pentobi 5.x, I don't want to require a newer CMake version such that it can still be compiled on the current stable Debian 6, nor do I want to re-implement GNUInstallDirs myself (like I already partially did for CMAKE_INSTALL_SYSCONFDIR). So if you want to change the installation directories, you will have to apply a local patch (see attachment).

  • jouty

    jouty - 2013-01-30

    ok iwe can close this ticket and apply the patch waiting the next release of pentobi with the newer version on Cmake

    Last edit: jouty 2013-01-30
  • - 2013-03-04

    GNUInstallDirs is now used in version 6.0

  • - 2013-03-04
    • Status: open --> closed-fixed
  • - 2013-07-26
    • status: closed-fixed --> closed-fixed-in-release

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