#10 Please add Keywords to desktop entry


pentobi.desktop doesn’t have Keywords field, and that is raising a lintian informational warning: desktop-entry-lacks-keywords-entry. I’d like to propose a patch for this. It has the keywords blokus and ai but of course the developer can choose what he finds best fit.

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  • - 2013-08-21

    I am not sure about the "AI" keyword. Nowadays, using this term for board games is not very common anymore. For example, you would call a chess playing program maybe a "chess engine" but not a "chess AI".

    "Blokus" is of course a good keyword. So far I haven't added a keywords section for this because Blokus is already mentioned in the description and I expected that desktop environments search both the description and the keywords (I know that Ubuntu Unity does).

    But if it silences the lintian warnings, there is no harm of adding a keywords section. However, I will capitalize the word "Blokus" because board game names are proper nouns (unless they are wildly known like chess).

  • - 2013-08-21
    • status: open --> fixed-in-repository
  • - 2014-01-30

    Fixed in release 7.2

  • - 2014-01-30
    • status: fixed-in-repository --> closed-fixed-in-release

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