#199 Hidden cutscenes?

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Report from Exult forum by 'alagner':

Date: 09-07-08 06:52

I played it quite recently [ca. month ago] and was able to complete the game rather painlessly, except maybe for seldom, mentioned above "locking" of Avatar in the ground [but seldom enough to call it minor bug if you save often] and broken cutscenes - eg. during the fight between Devon and Mordea I saw only water below the docks and words the characters were saying. Same with Zaelan shield before Khumas-Gor, where I couldn't see statues speak, only their statements and cave's roof were visible.


  • Anonymous - 2009-03-02

    My patch should fix the Zealan shield / shrine issue - I saw the same bug and the rendering fix seemed to solve it. I assume the same will be true for the Devon/Mordea fight, just need to test it.

  • Willem Jan Palenstijn

    • assigned_to: nobody --> shadowchaser
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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