#15 Option to specify download locations


I think it would improve the program to allow for an
option to specify download folders on a feed specific

I realise that one of the goals of the program is to
remove the need to think about such things as quoted
from the webpage: "You don't have to worry about where
files are stored".

But many people, myself included, have
media/audio/video folders set up on their systems where
all media lives.

Although a user could just track down the files and
copy them across to their media folder, this would then
break the link to the files in the program.

I think the best solution is to have this feature as
optional. The program takes care of saving locations
unless the user specifies their preference.

Thanks for your work on this great program.


  • Owen Williams

    Owen Williams - 2006-10-28

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    This is not a bug, or isn't my bug, or I like it that way.

  • Owen Williams

    Owen Williams - 2006-10-28

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    What I recommend in cases like this is to create the folder
    where you want the media to be stored, and then create a
    symbolic link from that folder to ~/.penguintv/media.

    In other words, do something like this. Shut down
    penguintv, and then:
    mkdir /media/my_big_drive/PenguinTV
    mv ~/.penguintv/media/* /media/my_big_drive/PenguinTV/
    rmdir ~/.penguintv/media
    ln -s /media/my_big_drive/PenguinTV ~/.penguintv/media

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • eNons3nse

    eNons3nse - 2007-06-04

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    I agree. While there is something to be said about simplification so the user doesn't have to worry about as much, it is important that the user can still easily do everything that they need to do within the program. This concept of "auto file organization" works in a program like iTunes for example because they allow you to easily do pretty much all the basic actions with your files that you would want to do in a regular file browser window. Abilities in iTunes like easy and quick searching & moving around media files internally & to external locations by drag & drop for example are pretty much necessary in making organization simple. It pretty much duplicates and enhances a regular file browser experience inside of the iTunes program. While PenguinTV is a great program it is still much easier & quicker to organize files in a Nautilus window than inside of the program.


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