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Vincent B

Please create a simple way to disable output of logs to internal mail to root and change custom location of hit statistics to a certain user. I have a postfix mail server, fetchmail daemon, and would like a simple way to disable output of hit statistics through cron to my root mail account on machine. A simple setting of 0 or 1 in a identifier in PGLCMD.conf as in MailStats="0" for off and StatsUser="root" to a send them to a certain user if chosen to keep output. There is no simple way to disable this. I have once before but its through one of the executables or startups in update-rc.d I think.


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    jre-phoenix - 2014-06-13

    Sorry for the late response:

    This should work by setting in /etc/pgl/pglcmd.conf


    Here is the whole relevant part from pglcmd.defaults (just set any changes pglcmd.conf):

    # Email the result of the automatic (cron) blocklist update.
    # Specify the mail recipient.
    # If not set, cron will decide what happens with the output.
    # Email stats daily and on every stop/restart (except on system shutdown).
    # Specify the mail recipient. If not set, stats will not be emailed.
    # Email if watchdog detects a problem.
    # Specify the mail recipient. If not set, no notification will be emailed.

    Please report back if this solves your problem.

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