I am proud to give you PeerGuardian 2 Beta 5. We put a lot of work into making this release stable and easier to use, and hope you enjoy it. Here's what's changed:

New UI
History viewer
Search lists by name
Enable/Disable lists without removing them
List caching (faster load times)
Updater performs multiple tasks at once, and is abortable
Lowered memory used for range names by 75%

Log size of 0 causes 100% CPU lock-up
Program crash if driver file not found
Update Window popping up many times
Program crash when reloading lists (allow, update)
Incorrect list optimization
AllowLocal not allowing adapter IPs
Multi-byte conversion breaks on 0-length strings (9x only)
Last update time for lists changed when update fails
Error code 12029/0 when updating
Runtime error when exiting
Lists not reloaded on auto-update

And last of all, THANKYOU to all those who donated to the PeerGuardian project.  I am now very close to getting Athlon 64 hardware.

Cory Nelson