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PG2 does not block user's custom list

  • B9locker

    B9locker - 2005-04-05

    After I removed PG2's blocklists and added my own, no IPs were blocked by PG. It says "Peerguardian is Active; Blocking 10838062 IPs" - but ALL of them show up in my Norton firewall log, and PG's status window is always empty.

    I exported my text block-list to .p2b format and tested it, but the results are the same: No IPs are actually blocked. The format I used in my text file is:
    Block Range:

    I use Windows 98 with Norton Internet Security 2003.

    Do please resolve this issue. Along with RIAA, some of us want to block hackers, too. Thanks.

    • Gambit20011

      Gambit20011 - 2005-12-11

      Remember to save the file as .txt and add it via Pg's list manager.

    • Gambit20011

      Gambit20011 - 2005-12-11

      The proper format of addings lists are
      description of ip:
      To test the bloclist you can ping the ip as lon as your using NT and above.Since your using 98 you might want to try visiting an address in your web browser. I believe there is an incompatibility with Norton's suite so you may try disabling it and running PG. I'd recommend uninstalling Norton and using a compatible firewall/Antivirus as an incompatible product will render PG useless.


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