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Who do we trust?!

  • Burmania

    Burmania - 2005-09-23

    Hi there, I've only recently been alerted to the bizarre happenings at Methlabs and now I'm confused who we're supposed to trust. The homepage of this project at SourceForge claims that a rouge element has somehow overtaken the original Methlabs web site and shouldn't be trusted. Conversely, the original Methlabs web site is saying the exact opposite - that a rouge element tried to trash the web site and may now be trying to implement a PeerGuardian clone with spyware or worse.

    Who are we supposed to trust? How can I tell whether the tool I trust to protect me isn't going to do exactly the opposite? Both seem like trustworthy sources - the original web site and a SourceForge project. Admittedly, the forums on the Methlabs web site went down for a while and is now back but with suspiciously deleted topics since it's re-introduction.

    Can anyone shed any light on what's happening?


    • botbotdingzip

      botbotdingzip - 2006-02-02

      Domain names can be brought and sold, you're treading in a fluid environ. Only trust what you yourself know. Hacking is a nice start. Start with nmap[2006]. Study vulnerabilites of server OS. Use those vulnerabilities to access those that will harm you. The guys that put you in a cell earn more money than you can count.
      Do "everything" by proxy if your serious about being anonymous. ssh is good to go there. And not ur own proxy either [hint]. To be truly anonymous you need "a" remote server to decompile everything at the packet level and send the rebadged packet on. Remember local proxies are no obstacle when an ISP wants to track you so don't be fooled into sensless abandon this "software" offers. Knowledge is the greatest sword. So learn how to cover your trail - be methodical, be smarter than them. RIAA whatever, don't exclude government agencies or those that propose trusted exchange. Remember they pawned before you were even born. G'luck "free" peoples of this world. Circa 2006 and beyond.

      Long live GPL.

    • ProphetPX

      ProphetPX - 2005-09-28

      not only is that question "Who do we trust now?" very relevant, but WHO do we trust not only to get clean software AND who do we trust to get the updated blocklists from???

      I can't get any blocklists and my blocked IPs are at 0 :-(


      HELP!!! I need updated block lists please!

    • pheather

      pheather - 2005-10-02

      as always - you go to other sites that have no vested interest in the outcome

      those sites that have been trustworthy in the past

      when their assessment of the situation all points in the same direction you have your answer

      until then you're in no position to make any description

      the fact that one side has taken the position that neither side should be trusted, and has already encouraged the use of independant third party block lists should already have given you a really strong hint

      • pheather

        pheather - 2005-10-02

        sorry - can't find edit, so

        'until then you're in no position to make any description'

        should have been

        'until then you're in no position to make any decision'

    • Gambit20011

      Gambit20011 - 2005-12-11

      The proper owners, as stated by p2p news sites unamiously, are located at
      The domains were restored as shown by the redirection of to
      We kept the new name to rid the trails of untrustworthiness that correlated with the old name.
      The people at the new site include the founders and original helpers minus two staff members that were associated with the takeover.


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