• aguy3232

    aguy3232 - 2007-11-20

    I am getting

    "You are seeing this page because the current DNS service has expired.
    This is usually just a temporary error while the DNS service is being renewed. But you will want to ask your system administrator to make sure they are aware of this error and payment is made."

    when I try to access Anyone know whats going on?


    • GammaMe

      GammaMe - 2007-11-21

      Hi Halocline,

      You shouldn't be too worried about the empty government list. If you're running the default list from sourceforge the list information has been included in the P2P list for some while, and is as far as I know empty by default ever since.

      Hope this brings some peace =)

    • Tom Talbott

      Tom Talbott - 2007-11-21

      Can only confirm. Curious my self.

    • Halocline

      Halocline - 2007-11-21

      WARNING? - let me know what you think...

      I tried the site again around 10:30 EST and finally got the page to load. It started with a "Gee wiz, we let or DNS expire and forgot to renew this and that. Sorry, we'll try harder in the future". OK, maybe I could have accepted that -BUT- the page is gone AGAIN. Now for the most suspicious part of it all...

      1) When updating PG I get an error from all lists -EXCEPT- Government!!?? Open the list for viewing and there is nothing there!!??!!

      2) After installing PG on a new machine, the pop-up verification balloon appears and clicking it takes me to, WHICH WORKS??? The rest of the site is gone, claiming the DNS has expired, and yet this page loads just fine???

      Sounds fishy! Please stop me if I'm wrong here, and I hope I am.


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