Spyware detected

  • azur76

    azur76 - 2005-10-28

    What is this?
    my antyspyware software deteyed "GOLDEN EYE" spyware in this software

    • botbotdingzip

      botbotdingzip - 2006-02-02

      This software is bogus. Set up my multinational media companies and gov's to prosecute the masses. Nice job faggots. Buyer beware :). Readers will need to dig a bit deeper to find a "guarantee". Hahhaha ffs you think because u tagged urself open source that you could believed?? Expect this post will get wiped shortly. Keep posting guys. They should be allowed to get away with this.

    • tdatb

      tdatb - 2005-11-09

      It's in one of the uninstall files. Golden Eye is an activity logger. It logs all your keystrokes, websurfing activity, file transfers, etc. If you're using a decent firewall you should've noticed PeerGuardian2 asking for 2 permissions to connect to the web: the first one was to update it's lists, the second was to send a Golden Eye report. I don't know why this is infected but I'd suggest to everyone that they not download PeerGuardian2.

      BTW: Golden Eye is also commercial software. It's LEGAL PURPOSE is to keep track of your children's computer activity at home or the activity of your employees at work. It's inclusion here is illegal.

    • braindancer

      braindancer - 2005-12-11

      what scanner did you use?
      we will inform the developers of that scanner of this
      false positive. PeerGuardian is open source. Go read
      the source.
      it does not contain spyware (as long as you get the
      official releases from sf.net ;) )

      regards, braindancer

    • Gambit20011

      Gambit20011 - 2005-12-11

      The false positive was corrected by the new Microsoft Antispyware definitions. If you continue to recive it please post at our forums:
      Were trying to figure out why some antispyware products tag the uninstaller as spyware but we can guarantee the version from sourcefourge is clean. Its open-source, like all projects on Sourcefourge, and you can look for spyware yourself. Other sites may bundle our product with spyware so be forwarned if thats where you downloaded your Peerguardian.


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