#327 Whitelisting problem (OpenSUSE).


Hi! :-)

I compiled the last pgl version, on OpenSUSE 13.1 x64 (but I also have the same problem with the previous repo versions).

Entering at GUI the ports 80 and 443 and clicking OK (leaving the defaults Outgoing and TCP), failing with the message "80 doesn't work over TCP. 443 doesn't work over TCP".
Here's a screenshot: http://imageshack.com/a/img546/8914/sc6e.png.

Now what?
TIA! :-)


  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-14

    Do you have a file /etc/services with content like that

    http            80/tcp          www             # WorldWideWeb HTTP

    If not, please create one and try if this solves your issue.

    Then please report back. If this is the problem we can implement a backup solution for your problem.

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-14
    • status: open --> pending
  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-14

    THANKS jre-phoenix, for your help!!! :-)

    Indeed I have a line:
    http 80/tcp # World Wide Web HTTP.

    Best wishes, for a happy 2014!!! :-)

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-14

    Although the GUI has some problems, editing pglcmd.conf (and adding the line: "WHITE_TCP_OUT="80 443", works great!

    So, here comes my sidequestion:
    Disabling the above ports within the GUI, don't works.
    I'm getting an error message, that kdesu failed to execute (I'm attaching a screenshot), although kdesu is at this path and in working state from konsole.

    So, is it possible to disable-reenable witelisting?
    I suppose that editing the config file and restarting pgl is one way to do it.
    Any other way, more straightforward?

    Thanks again!!! :-)

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-20

    You may delete your ~/.config/pgl/pglgui.conf
    Maybe it somehow got corrupted.

    Further you may start pglgui from a terminal. Then you may post its output.
    Maybe you could make a real backtrace.

    I guess this thread at opensuse is yours. I'm not a member there, so can't post there. But all I want to say for now is that it has to be a problem with pglgui somehow being broken. I'll contact the specific author about that.

    Last edit: jre-phoenix 2014-01-20
  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-21

    1) Indeed, that post is mine! :-)

    2) Deleting the config file, didn't helped.

    3) Konsole output, didn't offered any help.
    Actually was very laconic:

    giorgos@linux-khvd:~> pglgui
    Debug: Connection to DBus was successful.
    Warning: ~PglGui()

    4) How can I compile pgl, with debug symbols?

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-21

    Are there tabs or spaces in your /etc/services? Probably send me your file per email or somewhere for download, so that I can test it myself (no copy and paste! I want the original file). I still suspect problems with this file, since pglgui uses this for this task.

    What happens if you try to add http and https?
    What if you try only one port?
    Can you do other whitelisting operations in pglgui, e.g. whitelisting an IP?

    ad 3)
    Did you try to add the ports when you got this output?

    ad 4)
    Debug symbols should be there per default, I guess (it is normal Gnu automake). If there aren't any, please tell me and I can look into the right command.

    You may post the commands that you used to configure and compile pgl anyway.

    To make the backtrace type

    gdb pglgui

    and in the (gdb) prompt


    Then try to add the whitelistings.

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-22

    1) I'm attaching Konsole output and services file.

    2) a) Doesn't changes something.
    "http doesn't work over TCP. https doesn't work over TCP".

    b) Yes. Adding the ports one by one, doesn't make any difference.

    3) Yes. Konsole output is laconic. Doesn't reflect anything happening on the gui. First line is from when the program opens and second one, from when the program closes.
    Nothing while pglgui is working (eg. trying to add a port whitelisting).

    4) Ooops! My fault! :-)
    I attached konsole output.

    THANKS! :-)

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-22

    Nope! I tried twice, but the "Add attachments" option didn't worked for me, so I mailed these files to you. :-)

  • freemind

    freemind - 2014-01-24


    I'm the current developer of peerguardian's GUI. This bug should be fixed now, thanks for reporting.
    I'll have to talk with jre-phoenix to make a new release. Meanwhile you can download the current code in git and compile it yourself, if you're okay with it.

  • Giorgos

    Giorgos - 2014-01-24

    Git version, works like a dream! :-)


  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-24

    Ticket moved from /p/peerguardian/support-requests/48/

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-24
    • status: pending --> accepted
    • assigned_to: freemind
  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-24

    Awesome! I will release the fix in 2.2.4 this weekend.

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-26
    • status: accepted --> closed
  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2014-01-27

    fix rleased in 3.2.4


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