#313 "/ mount is busy" at shutdown



Upon shutdown/reboot of my machine I get this for about 5 seconds "/ mount is busy". I can make the error go away by stopping or exiting PGL before shutting down or rebooting. This is repeatable over and over again. I am using Ubuntu Maverick amd64, lots of memory, standard kernel ect. ect. I had Mobloquer installed before PGL and it never gave me this error, but Mobloquer isn't as smooth and uses too much processor and memory. Is ther a fix to this bug?? I may have missed it in the postings here???




  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2012-02-20

    Hmm, no idea yet.

    To rule out any misconfiguration please check your /etc/pgl/pglcmd.conf and ~/.config/pgl/pgl-gui.conf

    Does it happen, when pgl is started automatically, but WITHOUT having used the pgl-gui?

  • Singtoh

    Singtoh - 2012-02-20

    Hello JRE,

    Here is the output of those two files:

    # pglcmd.conf - configuration file for pglcmd

    # This file is sourced by a shell script. Any line which starts with a # (hash)
    # is a comment and is ignored. If you set the same variable several times,
    # then only the last line will be used.

    # Refer to pglcmd.defaults (/usr/lib/pgl/pglcmd.defaults)
    # for the complete set of possible configuration variables with comments.

    # Do a "pglcmd restart" (sometimes even "reload" is enough) when you have
    # edited this file.
    # Automatically added from /etc/blockcontrol/blockcontrol.conf:
    # Automatically added from /etc/blockcontrol/blockcontrol.conf:
    # Automatically added from /etc/blockcontrol/blockcontrol.conf:
    WHITE_TCP_OUT="http https"




    An in answer to your question "Does it happen, when pgl is started automatically, but WITHOUT having used
    the pgl-gui?" yes it does, every time I shutdown/reboot. I hope this is the correct place to reply, this is the first time I have made a bug report. I did get your e-mail after I was able to sign up to this site. Thanks JRE. If there is anything else you need from me to help solve this, please let me know. I am not an expert with Linux but I can figure my way around the system a bit.



  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2012-03-27

    So no pgl-gui problem, and no cnfiguration problem.

    What happens when you do a "pglcmd stop"? How long does this take? Also 5 seconds?
    What happens if you restart pgl before the shutdown (Note for me: assumption - there are many hits and pgl needs some time to do the stats)?

    Stopping pgl takes some time, but your 5 seconds seem strange. The "/ mount is busy" either sounds like pgl is write accessing /, see my assumption above.

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2012-06-09

    I fixed some stuff with sendmail. Please test with the code from the git repository if it is fixed now.


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