#310 Debian dependencies too strict (debhelper)


In trying to compile pgl 2.0.3 using 'debuild' on a Debian/stable (lenny) system I got the error:

dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)
dpkg-buildpackage: warning: Build dependencies/conflicts unsatisfied; aborting.

just doing 'debian/rules binary' instead resulted in the compilation and build of *.deb files working, as does the suggested 'debuild -d' to ignore dependencies.


  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2010-09-13

    I added this dependency for the override_... targets in debian/rules. So I added that dependency according to the debhelper documentation. And I just verified in the debhelper changelog that they were introduced in 7.0.50.

    Please verify if you have these files in your pglcmd package (dpkg -L pglcmd):

    Currently handling these files is all I need the override targets for. But that will change in the future.

    I guess you have installed debhelper 7.0.15!?

  • Athanasius

    Athanasius - 2010-09-13

    Looking closer I do indeed have debhelper 7.0.15 installed:

    18:29:06 0$ aptitude show debhelper
    Package: debhelper
    State: installed
    Automatically installed: no
    Version: 7.0.15

    BUT, look more closely at the error:

    dpkg-checkbuilddeps: Unmet build dependencies: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~)

    18:30:47 0$ grep -r debhelper debian/
    debian/pglcmd.config:# generated by other debhelper scripts.
    debian/control:Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 7.0.50~),

    Stray tilde ?

    18:32:37 0$ dpkg -L pglcmd | grep '/etc/cron.daily/pglcmd|/etc/network/if-up.d/pglcmd|/etc/init.d/pgl|/etc/logrotate.d/pglcmd'
    18:32:58 0$

    And I guess this would be exactly why it fail to stop/start the service on install too.

  • Athanasius

    Athanasius - 2010-09-13

    Hang on, I'm blind, I have 7.0.<FIFTEEN>, your build-depends is after .<FIFTY>~

    http://packages.debian.org/lenny/debhelper confirms that 7.0.15 is the current stable version.

    Confusingly testing has 8.0.0 (same in unstable).

    And even backports.debian.org is on 8.0.0~bpo50+2

    Where did you get your 7.0.50~ from ?

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  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2010-10-20

    Just to bring this issue to a clean end (and then finally working again on the FORWARD issues reported by you):
    "7.0.50~" is from the debconf documentation. And as we've confirmed in the other bug, we really need this version (or newer). So in Lenny you should use backports.


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