#256 Error contacting URL - tried prev posted solutions


I'm having a problem getting my lists to update. It's a fresh install of PG2 on a fresh install of WinXP. I have four lists in my list manager, 3 pg.sf lists (ads, p2p, spy), and bluetack/level1. All give the 'Error contacting URL' error. After going through previous posts, here's what I've tried...

- Uninstalled / reinstalled PG2

- No firewalls installed yet, just Windows Firewall. Added exception for PG2, no luck. Disabled Windows Firewall.

- Disabled PG2

- HTTP allowed

I have PG2 installed on other comps and it runs like a champ! But I'm at a loss at getting it running on this new machine. Any ideas?


  • ljmunz

    ljmunz - 2007-11-14

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    Please, can anyone offer any help?

  •  Joe Lunchpale

    Joe Lunchpale - 2007-12-16

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    I have the exact same problem - have had for months now - this is the error message I would receive except for the Government list:

    Error Contacting URL: Failed connect to list1.phonixlabs.org.nyud.net:880; No error

    About half an hour ago, I reinstalled a fresh version and I got 2 error messages. The second refered to List 2. Ads and PSP have now updated after 5 times clicking Update List.

    I'm running XP - anyone know what's up?

  • jre-phoenix

    jre-phoenix - 2010-04-07

    In an effort to make this tracker usable again, this report is closed.

    If this report relates to the PeerGuardian Windows application, you
    may try PeerBlock instead: http://www.peerblock.com.

    If this report relates to an IP that is blocked or not blocked: The
    blocklists are maintained by http://www.bluetack.co.uk and

    If this report is about failed blocklist downloads. Check out
    http://iblocklist.com, this site offers reliable downloads of all


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