#56 video.x containing hw-cursor support (mac os sources)(update


this is part of the MacOnLinux - Drivers.
I've only zipped the important parts to understand
the concept. If you want to compile this
with CodeWarrior you have to copy it into
the complete sources of mac-drivers (Mol)

It introduces 3 new osi-calls (one was half implemented)
Read the sources to understand what the calls do


  • Jens von der Heydt

    • summary: video.x containing hw-cursor support (mac os sources) --> video.x containing hw-cursor support (mac os sources)(update
  • Jens von der Heydt

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    I included my version of gcard.cc (before reorg cvs)
    so that you can see how to react on new osi-calls.

  • Jens von der Heydt

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    All I get is an [IO/GCARD] <Error> 39 when I put the
    precompiled video.x in my pearpc directory and run ppc
    (using a prepatched altivec build with auto redraw)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yes, that's because this patch and binary video.x is rather old
    and you also needed the patched gcard.cc etc. You have to compile
    a new version of PearPC to use this!

    But don't try, as I'm currently writing a new version of the
    graphics driver and this "old" thing won't work anymore.

    Jens / floyd25


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