#49 support for PearPC under Darwin X86 & able to run Classic

Mac Campus

Apple is switching to Intel Hardware. This whil probably also be the
end of Classic.

The Mac OS X x86 might not yet be available but the Core OS ,
Darwin is.

So why not build your Application for Darwin x86 & why not also do
this for Darwin PPC along the way

Since you already uses parts of MOL code , why not find out how
they run os'es below OS X, though support for OS 9.2.2 is al we
need , support for more might be implented along the way .( i think
MOL supports from 7.5 & up but needs a Rom file for OS's below 8.5
- distributing ROM files is illegal but those can be added by users )


  • Mac Campus

    Mac Campus - 2005-10-14
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  • Mac Campus

    Mac Campus - 2005-10-14

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    As you can see i asked for a PPC build before .

    I always saw Classic support disapearing to soon from OS X .

    I never expected the reason for it to leave would have been a switch
    from PPC to Intel .

    With OS X running on Intel & Macs able to run other Intel OS's PearPC
    will be able to run natively in for example Linux or Windhows. OS X will
    be running natively on Intel but PearPC might be used for running an
    older build in emulation . But why would people wanna do that unless it's
    for studying early beta builds ( DP 4 & PB ) of OS X .

    What would be usefull though would be a native build in Darwin which
    would get an Aqua gui later when OS X x86 is official & that would
    replace Classic , so supports OS 9 maybe amongst other ( i think of OS
    8.x upto 9.2.x , Mac OS X Server 1.x (Rhapsody - prolly needs the
    same Rom support ) & also the early OS X DP's ( DP 1,2,3 )

  • Justin Mitchell

    Justin Mitchell - 2006-01-29

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    Some major benefits of being able to run PPC builds of Mac OS X from within
    Intel builds of Mac OS X are software testing, support, and compilation.

    In regards to compilation, there are some development environments that
    require compiling or packaging from within the target host operating system
    (look at python and py2app, for instance).


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