#34 hyper threading

Peter Voksa

PearPC should use the hyperthreading capabilities when available
(I see it going at only 50% :( )


  • Jens von der Heydt

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    You should learn what hyperthreading is and come back
    and reply to your question in shame :)

    Only because your windows xp tells you that
    pearpc is using only 50% of your "multiprocessor" - cpu
    does not mean that it's right.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    why does SETI use 100%?
    Think about that, moron, then post again.

  • Sebastian Biallas

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    floyd25 is absolutely right. I'll post Daniel's long and
    good answer from the mailing list which explains a lot of
    HT's unglory details:

    "Hyperthreading is an Intel hack to gain a small amount of
    speed bonus. I run a real dual processor system, and
    despite the fact that PearPC _IS_ multithreaded (how else do
    you expect to get JITC without stepping on everyone's
    shoes?) it doesn't do a whole lot on the other CPU, because
    the other threads are "weak", and don't do a whole lot.

    Honestly, you're not going to notice much benefit from Dual
    Processor (even real ones) unless we emulate SMP.

    If you want to see just how much you COULD get from your
    system if PearPC were running dual cpu, make an image of
    your HD image, and start up a second PearPC. This will let
    you see just what kind of performance you're getting out of

    I'll guarantee you that it's nowhere near the "100%" maximum
    for a dual CPU, or even a dual core CPU. Hyperthreading
    just lets the processor use the idle stages of the pipeline.
    The entire fact that any performance can be gained from
    exploiting idle cpu stages is a testament to the poor design
    nature of long pipes especially of the x86 variety."

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Just my $.02, but I don't think it'd be too easy to multithread
    this application unless two logical processors were to be put
    into the guest operating system. And, well, I'm going to
    venture a guess that programming for SMP isn't fun.


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