#17 Pear Linux Distro


I'm thinking about a "transparent" Mac OS X support
using a distro developed for use with PearPC like a
background system.
Tomorrow, this distro will be in ISO format to be
downloaded... Then we will install the distro, after
the Mac OS X.
When this customized linux start, it'll start
automatically(says transparently) the PearPC.
Maybe the Knoppix base can be used for this because it
support several hardwares automatically, whitout
This way, the PearPC can do Mac OS X
support "unsuported devices", like network, vga cars,
This is not veeery hard to do, but is veeery important
Thanx a lot!
Parabéns, em bom Portugęs Brasileiro! :-D


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This is an excellent idea, but not really something the
    developers should need to worry about. This could be done
    completely independent of the pearPC dev team. Set up a
    standard Linux distro, an HFS+ disk on a loop device, and
    write some simple shell scripts for the rest. Calling all
    live cd hackers, here's your chance...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    There's already an attempt to do something similar, check
    out softpear.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    the problem is the linux (or any other kernel not developed
    for this task) will exclusivly use the hardware; I think a
    better approach would be to develop a custom kernel to setup
    the needed environment, then give PearPC exclusive access to
    the hardware that would benefit its speed; though this
    wouldnt be easy ;P


  • Pradeesh

    Pradeesh - 2004-12-20

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    Like nobody #3 said before , its nice but not for the
    developers , of course , its nice to have Mac on x86 , but
    hey , first thing is we need to live up the PearPC
    project....Of course , there are many people who are trying
    to create a Distro which automaticly launches PearPC


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