#1 Why not use it for OS8 to 9


Hi there, i don#t know if i'm right here,but i think pearPC
will be a very interesting thing.

I see, that you install os 10 on this emulation.
Why make a short how-to for an installation of OS 9 on
this emulation.
It should runs at reasonable speed and there are lot of
useres having the original OS at home.

Just think of it



  • Stefan Weyergraf

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    We don't have OS8 or 9 available. If anyone out there
    posessing one of these wants to test how it works we would
    very much appreciate this.

  • Josh Watson

    Josh Watson - 2004-05-11

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    I just tried this with an OS 9.2.2 CD (grey iBook one). It is
    not recognised as bootable, although it comes up with 10
    partitions, including some drivers.

    I don't think macs as new as this one emulates can boot OS

    You'd have to emulate the old BIOS to boot from 9.2.2 too


  • Peter Voksa

    Peter Voksa - 2004-05-15

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    I agree, we need os 9 emulation.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i'm extremely impressed to learn of this project. MacOSX
    really boots?

  • Anders F Björklund

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    OS 9 is recognized, but the PROM loader needs
    some more smarts first before it can parse it...

    If it makes you feel better, it doesn't yet load
    old-style PReP PPC Linux CD-images either ?

    Mac-On-Linux runs Mac OS 9 without problems.
    (so it should be possible under emulation too)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    That's true. The reason why i was searchin for a PPC
    emulator is that I wanted to boot from my an image of my
    Performa 6200 disc with 8.5 and run its PPC apps. that'd be
    really cool if PearPC could be used in a such way and make it
    able to support ROMs since i heard there was ROMs needed
    for non-X versions. Plus it'd run faster than OS X. After all
    PearPC is a real PPC emulator and so it should be able to do
    what any real PowerPC can do, right? anyways, PearPC is real
    good, OS X on x86 is a thing people have been waiting for in
    3 or 4 years including me, i just cant wait till it gets faster.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    and yeah ive tried with OS 8.5 the same way as with OS X,
    but it cant boot, it talks about a IO/IDE boot problem in the
    command prompt thing. Michel0528@yahoo.fr


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