URGENT: Hardisk with Panther and PearPC

  • alvin777

    alvin777 - 2004-09-28

    Thank you for your time. After shutting down my iMac Indigo, the next day when you turn on the power button, the LED lights up but there is no chime, the screen is blank and the hardisk seems to be doing nothing. I have done everything on the book, PMU reset, new PRAM battery installed, have dismantled this iMac, have tested the power trickle, etc. It seems the only one working there is the LED.

    I'd like to transfer my hardisk from the iMac to a PC and run PearPC using that hardisk and hopefully boot Panther. Is this possible?

    God bless,

    • Guy Paddock

      Guy Paddock - 2004-09-28

      You'd somehow have to be able to capture your hard disk to a drive image, and then boot PearPC with the image, unless you plan to use a Linux distro and point the HD image parameter of PearPC at /dev/hda1 or something like that.

      If you can do that, it might be possible...

    • Thomas Auzinger

      Thomas Auzinger - 2005-11-25

      I have almost exactly the same problem, except I only need to transfer my data to the PC.  Since the iMac is kaputt, can I install the iMac hard drive into the PC and use PerPC to transfer the data onto the PC hard drive?  If so, how would I go about it?



    • Brad

      Brad - 2005-12-02

      heres what i would try, install the hard drive as a normal hard drive into your pc (no format,m obviously), have pearpc boot from an image on your hard drive (just like a regular install), and tell pearpc that the hard drive (that is the mac hard drive) is a cdrom drive (not a hard drive to boot from, because their might be problems with your os). then it just MIGHT work, im not positive

      • Thomas Auzinger

        Thomas Auzinger - 2005-12-13

        Thanks for the advice, but there is a little catch 22.  I installed the hard drive and it shows up in computer management, but not as a windows drive letter, since there is no volume that windows would read.  I thought of converting the whole hard disk into an ISO image and then tell pearPC to boot from that, but I can't find a tool that lets me do that.  Any other ideas?

        • Thomas Auzinger

          Thomas Auzinger - 2005-12-16

          I found a solution.  Transmac (http://www.asy.com/) can read a mac formatted and partitioned disk on the PC and create an ISO image from it.  I was able to boot from it and use all the software.  They do have a trial version.

          The only thing that doesn't work is Classic mode, but I think that's a different issue.


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