Williams_Nest - 2005-01-30


I'm an instructor and consultant in operating systems and since I'm travelling a lot it's very usefull to have most operating systems ready to run on my laptop.
VMware is a great help in this and I was wundering if I could use the networking capabilities from VMware in an OS on PearPC.

After playing with it for a few hours this weekend I got it working 

The OS running on PearPC is DHCP client in this scenario

Open "VMware - Virtual Network Editor"
There are 3 major steps in VMware configuration - the last two steps are only if you need connectivity to other places than inside VMware itself.
(that is the Internet or corporate network)

1) Tab - "Host Virtual Network Mapping"
Use TAP-Win32 adapter as bridged (I use VMnet9)
At this point any other VMware operating system can be placed on the same subnet as the PearPC OS just by changing this VM's network configuration. This way you can make a Linux or Windows server be DHCP server as well as NAT router for the PearPC OS. However - to make it more simple - the next two steps use VMware's own DHCP and NAT capabilities.

2) Tab - "DHCP"
Setup a new DHCP scope for the VMnet bridged in step 1 (this net must be different than any other net inside your own business)
I use - because it's different than any net on the places where I usually connect my laptop.

3) Tab - "NAT"
Setup Network Address Translation for the VMnet bridged in step 1 and - important;
either in "Edit" select "Allow any OUI". This allows any MAC address (OUI=Organizationally Unique Identifiers) to get NAT'ed - also the PearPC.
Or you could change the MAC address of your emulated NIC in the PearPC configuration file to be in the range that VMware is given from IEEE .
(00:50:56:xx:yy:zz (xx=00-3F)) Look http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/oui.txt for details on this subject.

Restart the VMware services/daemons - and you are up running 

This is so much smother than any other implementation I've seen around
VMware can give the complete IP configuration, and at the same time it is possible to use VMware's Network Address Translation (NAT).

Actually - the only thing thats missing is true bridging directly to the physical network - we have to use a router (in VMware) at least.
I'm using zebra running in another VM and connecting those two nets (in my case VMnet9 bridged to TAP-Win32 and VMnet0 bridged to my laptop's physical NIC)

As operating system I've testet this to work in Windows XP, Server 2003 and Fedora C2.
As to VMware versions it's testet working in VMware Workstation 4+ and in VMware GSX 3+
In prior releases it should be possible to get the same setup working
just have to find and edit the vmnetnat.conf and vmnetdhcp.conf configuration files.

The PearPC configuration file is in this setup not relevant -
if just you are using network support (Realtek or 3COM).


pci_3c90x_installed = 1
pci_3c90x_mac = "00:50:56:00:00:01"


pci_rtl8139_installed = 1
pci_rtl8139_mac = "00:50:56:00:00:02"

The Mac addresses shown here are within VMware's MAC address scope.
When changing theese - the OS running on PearPC will need a network reconfiguration.

Have fun - I am 
Michael Williams