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iPhone development using Pear PC

Bala T
  • Bala T

    Bala T - 2009-04-15

    Hello all,

    I wish to know if its possible to develop applications for Apple iPhone, by running Mac OS X using Pear PC. Has anyone tried it?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-10-08

    Actually i am working on this very project. Albeit not iphone apps but older osX apps that require different sdks to compile.

    Im working setting up multiple SDK environments for various versions of Mac OS X. I have found that many cvs repositories are older and not maintained as much as they used to be so, I figured i would accomodate to the old build platforms and compile the code there. As far as getting PearPC to function…well this has been another story altogether.

    I installed PearPC…found out that I need OpenVPN for internet access, then found out that I had to modify the following reg key for application access…
    This key had NO permissions whatsoever. Ok, so I added myself to the previous key, and took ownership of the Properties key. That eliminated a whole bunch of errors since im running PearPC in Windows 7 Ultimate.
    After Getting around that, I created a 5gb disk file using the PearGui and mapped my cdrom.

    All seemed to be good until it came time to init the CDROM….no wnaspi32.dll…oh great…

    ok So I go to Nero and download thier wnaspi32 implementation only to find out that they SUCK! they failed to include ATAPI command 0x00000051….wonderful. So as it is im still looking for a Wnaspi32.dll file that is compatible with pearpc….anyone have one that works?


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