pear pc made you switch?

  • bobx

    bobx - 2004-11-14

    i few months back i tried out pear pc to have a bit of fun with a different operating system (other than windows or linux).

    using pear pc made me like mac os alot, but i didnt like the limatitions that pear pc has. the speed seriosuly anoyed and so did the no sound issue and command line interface for installation. then i discovered that there is a part in the mac os x user aggrements that states that you must be installing our operating system on a apple branded machine.

    so i about 2 months ago a gave up and got a powerbook and it feels so nice to know that this is not a emulator, this is not a mod, this is just a great operating system.

    i do have to thank the guys that made pear pc for helping me realise how great macs are and i was wondering if any of you have switched because of pear pc.

    • Clemens Brust

      Clemens Brust - 2005-02-23

      I thank the developers too. If I could afford a Mac and my software for the Mac, I would switch too. Wouldn't be such a great switch, because Linux ist POSIX and Mac OS X also. Does somebody (from Germany?) know a source to by cheap macs? I've got a 100 max and tried at eBay, but i never got one. I would prefer a PowerMac G4, that's not as expensive and it is almost more than I need.

    • Justin Mitchell

      Justin Mitchell - 2005-02-25

      I think I'm gonna get a Mac Mini! They're cheap, and great!

    • bobx

      bobx - 2005-03-13

      yeah the mac minis look great, i might get my self one as a second computer.


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