To the PearPC Developers Community

  • Pietro Moras

    Pietro Moras - 2011-10-13

    Dear PearPC Developers Community,
       I'd love to offer you my contribution so to thoroughly Test & Document your product – e.g. see my last work at the Eric URL:
       provided you'll help me find a satisfactory answer to the following Questions, to me of paramount consequence.

    Q1]  Is this project “legal”?
       I mean, I heard that it is against the Apple software EULA (End User License Agreement) to run any Mac operating system on a computer virtual or otherwise that is not specifically an Apple computer. If so, what does it mean with respect to each and all PearPC developers and users? I mean, legally and morally?

    Q2]  Is this project currently vital, that is: up and running?
       Which is tantamount asking whether would anybody bother to grant me here any answer… Thanks!

    Q3]  Would you welcome or, at least, discuss my offer to thoroughly Test and Document this product?
    Thanks for your time. Yours,
    - P.M.

  • Pietro Moras

    Pietro Moras - 2011-10-20

    Hey, is there anybody here?
    When back home, I'd love to see you…
    - P.M.

  • Monster_user

    Monster_user - 2011-12-31

    Q1]  Is this project “legal”?

    A1] Legal? That is for the courts to decide.

    My answer is yes. You are required to run PearPC on an Apple Computer, otherwise you are violating the license. With boot camp, it is now legal to run PearPC on Windows, and both be on an Apple Computer.

    PearPC is not designed to circumvent the EULA, or copy protection. It is designed to allow the use of legacy software on modern hardware. Which works to Apple's benefit, as more people will upgrade to newer Macs, when they can run PearPC for that one app they cannot give up.

    Also, take Apple's EULA's with a grain of salt. It was at one point "illegal" to run the Windows version of Safari on Windows, even after they "released" it to the public.

    A1] Moral? Yes, 110%. Look at VirtualBox, look at VirtualPC, look at Classic on OSX. This provides a needed service that Apple is neglecting to provide.

    Q2]  Is this project currently vital, that is: up and running?

    A2] Last update, July 2011. So yes, this project is up and running, just running slower than molases.

    Q3]  Would you welcome or, at least, discuss my offer to thoroughly Test and Document this product?
    A2] I'm not sure if Segel spends much time on this forum, but I'm sure the community would welcome documentation.

    There is existing documentation on the wiki.

  • Pietro Moras

    Pietro Moras - 2012-01-01

    Thanks for this post, are you a team member of this project? You see, my original intention was to get in touch with the project team leader, so to discuss a possible collaboration.

    But now, after so much time and after all what I've seen about this subject, I'm rather pessimistic about the approach generally adopted (I mean, not only here) for this matter. And I'm not at all confident that you'd accept the way of doing things I'd dare to suggest.
    Anyhow, all the best.
    - P.M.

  • Monster_user

    Monster_user - 2012-01-15

    I am not a member of this project, no. Nor do I know much about the approach the team members take, or understand why you would be pessemistic about that.

    This seems to be a project with a small team, who may or may not be dedicated to the project. Due to the nature of the project, it does not appear to generate any income for the authors. Due to the current global financial difficulties, this project is likely of a low priority. So they may not be willing to pay you for your contributions.

    The team members page is here.

  • Pietro Moras

    Pietro Moras - 2012-01-16

    Subject:  Misunderstanding
    The level of misunderstanding here is so high that I kindly pray you all to totally ignore all may posts, which I'd be even pleased to erase, I could. Thank you.
    So long.
    - P.M.


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