Speed improvements?

  • Render_Man

    Render_Man - 2004-05-30

    The screenshots do look nice but I've had a look at the docs and it says the speed is at best 40x slower than the host. Does that mean on a top end PC (3GHz) that it would only run Mac OS X at the speed of a <100MHz machine?

    If that's the case, are there any foreseeable speed improvements soon. Would it take much to catch up with Virtual PC's speed where the emulator is about 60% of the host speed?

    Also, does it support hardware graphics?

    • david potowski

      david potowski - 2004-08-01

      its gonna take a while, but the programmers are trying their hardest. its way more complicated to go from PPC -> x86 then vice-versa.

      and yes, PearPC runs at 2.5% (1/40) of the host speed.

    • Matt Reine

      Matt Reine - 2004-10-07

      I had an idea while running PearPC this morning.... I see in the config file you need to set the refresh rate for the video.

      The higher I set the refresh rate the faster the emulator runs as it has less busy work (screen refreshes) to do...

      Could you make it so that it would default to say 5 or 10 (super fast) screen refreshes while booting up and while using the Finder app. But while using an application, slow the refresh rate down to say 50 or 60?

      This would in effect make finder super fast feeling.. screens would POP open instead of crawl and applications would work faster...

      Would it be hard to code this feature in there?



    • Pradeesh

      Pradeesh - 2005-01-28

      Nah , the Refresh rate is not supported by client , it may not be possible...But I do not know....


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