Audio Driver for PearPC

  • DHenson

    DHenson - 2004-06-19

    If no one else is creating a driver for audio support through PearPC, then I will.  But if there is someone, have fun.  Lemme know, pz

    - D

    • Anonymous - 2004-06-20


      I was gathering information about it, if you like to we can work on it together ?

      talk to you later

    • DHenson

      DHenson - 2004-06-24

      OK, I downloaded the source from Apple for the Darwin Audio Driver called "AppleOnboardAudio-224.2.2".  I'm thinkin we can use this as refrence.  If you can find a generic audio driver from somewhere for an apple computer and pc, let me know (e-mail me).  Thanks,


      • Anonymous - 2004-06-24


        On the apple web site there is another driver for the intel AC97 codec, I will email it to you.

        I think we should work on a more recent sound chip.

        I also found a few specs for the AC97 standard, here is the link:

        Maybe this can help us to emulate an AC97 like codec.

        What do you think ?


    • iguanaman

      iguanaman - 2004-06-26

      Good work guys, keep it up.  I wish I knew more about programming or I would jump in.  ;-)  It's good to see people coming together on this project.  It's really good!

    • DHenson

      DHenson - 2004-06-27

      I think it would be easier to do this if we had a place to exchange files like CVS n stuff.  We can keep this thread goin for discussion of course, but again, we need some way to trade sources.  If anyone has a CVS server they are willin to lend space to (or this project's CVS??), let us know through this thread.  Thanks!


    • Matt Reine

      Matt Reine - 2004-10-07

      Wish I knew how to code the audio driver jump in too... Good luck programming this guys!

      It will be a MAJOR milestone in PearPC to finally have audio that works ok with the hosts audio drivers.

      Just a thought... Im not sure how VirtualPC does it ( however for each of the guest OSs it supports it passes through the audio to the Host PC no matter what type of soundcard or chipset you have.

      I suspect its somehow tying into DirectX audio drivers which should be general no matter the type of soundcard you have I believe...

      What do you think? Thanks!


    • Connor McLeod

      Connor McLeod - 2004-12-14

      Searching though Google I've found this project and it seemed very inresting for me. I never touched a Mac, but i've worked in some emulators mainly for videoconsoles. I don't know if PearPC is a pure emulator or uses techniques of higher level emulation, but in both cases is posible emulate sound with a 3rd party api like SDL or OpenAL. If emulator is low level need know all data and events pased by system like DMA writes/reads, interrupts, clock and sound card response.

      Current sound cards without MIDI synthesis uses mainly a round buffer to store data, this buffer is filled by apps and when it's empty it sends an interrupt to OS. You also can provide various sound buffers an a thread that add all data to a final buffer send to sound card and this work like a mixer.  For 3D features OpenAL can help with emulation. For MIDI you must get commands from MIDI ports and send them to your card device with tools that OS provides but this data doesn't need any change.

      Maybe you got more info, but i wanted help this project, if somebody is interesed in start a audio driver i can help him with my humble knowledge.

      Good luck with this great project


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