Weird: What is "ZWEI GEBUESCH"?

  • dumbthingy

    dumbthingy - 2004-05-23

    See Title. I know it's German and it does mean "two bushes" or something like that, but I wonder what it stands for.

    • Sebastian Biallas

      "Ein Gebsch" is a quote from a Monty Phyton movie.

    • dumbthingy

      dumbthingy - 2004-06-05

      Why is it used then?

      • Sebastian Biallas

        Propose a better name.

    • The SZ

      The SZ - 2004-07-16

      ide device

    • Brad

      Brad - 2004-07-21

      zwei gebuesch is a german phrase that means 2 bushes
      ein gebuesch means 1 bush, i have no idea why they would name the hard drive this... but i thought you might find it interesting

    • Elektro Schock

      Elektro Schock - 2004-08-16

      Zwei im Gebsch means two in the bushes. This is a colloquial German metaphor from the 16 century for sexual intercourse.

    • Shaul

      Shaul - 2004-09-12

      Where is it defined anyway?

    • Pradeesh

      Pradeesh - 2005-01-28

      Any facts...I know developers like to use this weird pharse/name on their applications...Its great to see like MutliMax 3000 in PearPC.....:d


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