#212 isos > 2GB are incorrectly supported (e.g. Tiger iso)


It turns out that ISOs greater than 2GB are handled incorrectly by Pearpc.

Due to this Tiger can't be installed directly from ISO, but only using 'nativecdrom' type of device (that are supported only on Windows & beos btw).

How to reproduce:
1) Mount Tiger iso on real mac or on linux and see content of
/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg/Contents/Info.plist (e.g. using 'less'
unix utility) notice that it's XML file.

2) Mount same iso in PPC using 'cdrom' type of iamge, see same file - it's
binary garbage!

When make my own DVD iso on linux out of that tiger iso (stripping aways
extra things like XCode and other stuff so that resultant image is less
than 2gb - i.e. 2147483648) then content of that file when viewing it
in pearpc is xml as it should be.

So it seems there is a bug somewhere with signed/unsigned ints. Before it's
fixed, Pearpc won't be able to read almost all DVDs correctly.

This bug was present both with 2ND ide controller patch (cvs dated 20 may 2005) and without it (cvs dated 2005-04-23).
Please post a comment here once this bug is fixed in CVS!

Thanks in advance,
Vlad - hvv [] hvv.pp.ru


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