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Peacock 1.9.1 released!

Peacock 1.9.1 released sporting a new Gnome 2 look and WYSIWYG HTML Editing capabilities using the GtkHTML bonobo control.

Posted by Archit Baweja 2003-09-07

Peacock 1.9.1, rewrite + port to gnome 2 coming along.

The new peacock, rewrite + port to gnome 2, sporting bonbo controls underneath and prettiness of Gtk+-2.x is
coming along just fine. All interested please see code in the CVS archive. (NOTE: Also a good oppurtunity for budding programmers to show their talent/class by contributing).

Posted by Archit Baweja 2003-08-28

Peacock 0.6.1 bug fix version released!

This is mainly a bug fix version for the File open/load bug which appeared in Peacock 0.6. Sorry for that. For all other stuff look at previous announcements regarding the new features and bug fixes.

Posted by Archit Baweja 2003-06-28

Peacock 0.6 released!

Peacock 0.6 is officially released. New thing include

New in 0.6
* Find and/or Replace - I finally added the Find and/or Replace functions.
Something basic everyone expects from any kind of editor (text, html etc).
* The wonderful world of GnomeVFS - All the file operations have been shifted
to the GnomeVFS architecture (previously it was the POSIX complaint standard
C FILE API). This means you can edit files directly from the web, ftp,
even across networks using protocols like Samba etc, basically the ones
supported by GnomeVFS. Including those from secured sites which require
* GtkHTML Preview click functionality - now you can click on a link in the
Preview Pane, and Peacock will open the new file for you in the editor.
Something to pamper the lazy web hacker.

Posted by Archit Baweja 2003-06-26

Peacock 0.5 released!

Peacock 0.5 is the latest release of the Gnome complaint HTML Editor for Gnomers. The new version features the use of PonG, making it one of the very few (if not the only) program to use the PonG library for Preferences.

Get the latest source from

Posted by Archit Baweja 2002-07-15

Peacock 0.3 to be released in a short while!

Hello lovers of the dying breed of HTML Editors. The next version of Peacock, a HTML Editor for GTK+/GNOME will be
out in a short while. Some of the notable features of this new release are :-

1) Multiple Document Support.
2) Drag N' Drop Support.
3) Improved HTML Dialogs.

Posted by Archit Baweja 2001-04-25