Batter Demo

The last release of the batter demo was in June of this year, and the feedback was that the pitches were unhittable. That would not do. ;)

So after a couple months of trial and error (and a couple months of interstate relocating), here is a more hittable version of the batter demo. Please download, try it, and let me know how it works for you. I am interested in both simple good-enough/not-good-enough (to be fun) evaluations and also in suggestions as to how to make it better. We want an interface that is both easy enough to be satisfying for the first session, but skill-centered enough that hours spent practicing yield improvements in ability.

The figures (batter and pitcher) are graphically primitive, just cylinders and spheres glommed together in a likeness of a baseball player.

If you have any knowledge of 3D graphics, and you are interested in contributing to this project, let me know. The project really needs an artist.


Posted by dkeeney 2005-10-09

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