zoePG 3D rendering engine

The "Pitcher's Duel" project has released zoePG, a conversion of the lightweight rendering engine 'zoe', to use Pygame/SDL rather than GLUT. This release also includes html help files.

Provide pyOpenGL code to draw the model, and the zoePG engine will display the model in an interface that provides zooming, panning and rotation of camera position using mouse and keyboard.

The project includes demos such as spinning polyhedra, a fountain of sparks, a swarming behavior model, a random walk example, a whirlpool effect using gravity and drag, and an example of chaos theory.

The project page is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pduel/
To use zoePG, you also need to have installed Python, OpenGL,pyOpenGL, and PyGame.

Posted by dkeeney 2004-08-24

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