Commit Date  
[f02bc8] (15.3 kB) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

PDSim is working - no memory leaks now (fixed a bug in CoolProp in r201)
Working very well

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-16 00:30:29 View
[83bb88] (15.2 kB) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

All the functions are now working using arraym instead of listm

But the speed is about the same :( - more debugging to go
Memory leak was not a memory leak but delayed garbage collection
Added CVArrays copy method
Moved _sumterms.pyx contents to _core.pyx
No longer uses temporary variables in PDSimCore

Added a function to create an empty arraym with the given size

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-13 15:28:36 View
[80bcaf] (9.1 kB) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed one problem in datatypes in extend function - seems to be a pretty major memory leak somewhere still

2012-11-13 08:43:20 View
[b59aa9] (8.4 kB) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Working using the CVArray class now - pushed nearly all things towards Cython, although still some opportunities remaining - derivs still uses listm for instance

Still need to remove old calls, but basically working
removed arraym from _listmath
Added slice and extend methods to arraym class
Moved update_existence to a function in PDSimCore, calls into Tubes, CVs and Flows

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-12 22:20:47 View
[62e8bb] (10.4 kB) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added a few files that were forgotten in last commit

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-12 13:11:56 View
[67119b] (None) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Commit just before conversion to arraym instances internally in PDSim

Added arraym datatype to PDSim.misc
Added CVArrays class to _containers.pyx
FlowPath.get_deepcopy() is now hard-coded, much faster since it stays at the c-level.
Leakage function takes int rather than string for speed
Fixed stepsize plot
Moved Flank leakage into the Cython level
In PDSim.core.core.derivs, use temporary flow vector rather than calling derivs again since derivs is quite slow

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-12 13:09:01 View
[4dc999] (None) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added fully functional arraym class - seems it still could be a bit faster (10% slower than array.array version)

Almost ready to implement into PDSim and see what speed change we get

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-11 02:33:40 View
[600ea8] (None) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Restructured calls to sumterms to make them almost 1000 C++

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-11-10 22:44:20 View
[275c02] (None) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added the ability to use Newton-Raphson to determine the initial state for the compressor
Added a copy function to listm
Put intermediate files into _tmp_ folder rather than the root

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-06-28 16:28:20 View
[9944b6] (None) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Initial conversion to GIT

2012-06-26 20:27:39 View

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