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[3c72b8] (1.1.1) by Ian Bell Ian Bell

A lot of little fixes to GUI

Added a scrollable window to the scroll geo panel - looks nice now
Fails if any of the runs in the para table are bad
Add all the injection lines and ports to the output table columns
Fixed animation with offset scroll wrap
Offset scroll wraps write to and from file
Remove runs from table works properly now
Change units of discharge from popup

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-09-04 04:47:36 Tree
[08f6a5] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Finished injection stuff, can now modify state and involute angles from para tables and output parameters to file

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-09-02 03:42:19 Tree
[f342b0] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Implementation of injection functionality, step #1 (output of plugin parameters remains)

Improved collection of parametric terms
Loading&saving with config files for plugin

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-09-01 03:56:34 Tree
[7f0d16] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed scroll code with the offset for SA chamber in order to get a good conservation of mass
Fixed parametric panel so that removing items works better

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-30 23:38:18 Tree
[e08749] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added an offset scroll compressor option to scroll compressor geometry. Set the parameter geo.phi_ie_offset to pi - S1 chamber will be different

A few issues remain:
- Forces are not correct for the offset chamber
- Suction area calculations need to be revised, both for forces as well as volumes
- Not clear why the break angle calculations didn't work with offset geometry. Perhaps a typo?

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-27 01:24:28 Tree
[fface7] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Removed unused injection code from

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-26 03:37:49 Tree
[a05fdf] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added normalized force components to force calculations
fz_p for C2_forces

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-25 15:05:12 Tree
[916266] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed for GUI packaging

2012-08-25 02:17:59 Tree
[957bd8] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added injection panels and dialogs to the scroll_plugins file in GUI - just missing the backend code right now
Added IsentropicNozzleFM function for generality and less code duplication
Added option to plot every cycle to GUI

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-24 23:08:14 Tree
[4930c3] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Small fixes to GUI (repairing abort for precond_solve)
Fixed radial angles for just before discharge angle
A more sensible viscosity in - now match Liu 2010 mechanical losses approximately

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-24 04:22:32 Tree
[03e4fe] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added analysis for speed for thrust bearing
Added function to calculate force terms
Added functions to calculate forces for D2 chamber
Added journal bearing calls to

2012-08-23 21:33:59 Tree
[fbc829] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added to PDSim.core to provide analysis for hydrodynamic journal bearings

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-23 18:59:49 Tree
[267de1] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Adding preliminary force calculations to

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-23 03:58:48 Tree
[0abe79] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed bug with suction state breaking the output to the result table
Warn about the number of runs to be removed from temp folder

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-23 02:53:27 Tree
[76be86] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Modifications to scroll_geo to prepare for offset scroll wrap geometry, added forces for S1,C1,S2,C2,D1,chambers, and polygons for X1 chambers
Added some more involute angles to GUI for scroll compressor, may remove them soon

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-22 20:38:24 Tree
[d048d9] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added unit convertor by right clicking on textboxes that have units of meters, cubic meters, or square meters - need to add some more units, but structure is working.

Added plugin for scroll compressor injection - almost working

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-18 19:30:22 Tree
[aed7f2] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added the ability to set state variables on inlet from para table
Small updates to PDSim tutorial
Added menu item to flush temp folder

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-17 22:52:14 Tree
[2d6952] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed temporary folder to be always HOME/.pdsim-temp

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-17 03:10:54 Tree
[35d14d] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Updated packaging things

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-16 22:58:08 Tree
[8d114f] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixed injection, working now
Added energy balance to calculate vapor flow rate produced from flash tank
Work on GUI on injection and selection of flow models - issues remain
InnoSetup file added
GUI2EXE used to generate cx_Freeze, invoke using "python build --build-exe=PDSimGUI", will build installer in Output folder
Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-16 20:52:23 Tree
[8ef516] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Fixes to scroll and recip code for preconditioned solving
GUI now works for both recip and scroll
Added scroll flow model choices to GUI although they are pretty rudimentary at this point
Fixed all the Ntheta/ Itheta issues in core/
Tidying up of examples

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-13 20:47:00 Tree
[79ebb2] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added the first stages of the injection to GUI
Updated precond_solve to use initial state again so it works properly
Added a function to plot injection ports on scroll wrap in scroll_geo

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-07 18:49:07 Tree
[bd6b9e] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added documentation for a number of components
Fixed example files

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-06 15:29:14 Tree
[cab94d] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added radial leakage angles and area calculations - I think they are all correct now
Small updates to tutorial.rst
Improved the documentation

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-03 19:07:16 Tree
[9e93f6] by Ian Bell Ian Bell

Added precond_solve (preconditioned solve) to PDSimCore - automatically selects a good starting point for the solver
Moved examples into their own folder lower in the tree to avoid path problems
Went back to temperature and mass as state variables. This is the best option I think.
Added heat transfer involute angles - Just need to add in calculation of the heat transfer coefficient

Signed-off-by: Ian Bell <>

2012-08-02 19:38:15 Tree
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