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pdoMap : the PHP ORM relational mapper / News: Recent posts

A new 2.1 ALPHA release

pdoMap is released and still under alpha status. This release improves :

- the xml mapping and parsing (with documented errors)
- a new adapter/entity system
- a start for a POPO implementation
- improves performances (avg 10ms for the framework loading)

Also starting a documentation section on the pdoMap website at :

The actual alpha version works fine on main functionnalities, but keep in mind actual code and structure may changed in future so don't use this version on a production code.... read more

Posted by aKhEnAtHoN 2010-05-15

New released alpha version

This alpha version provides some interesting features :

- XML mapping structure and ability to declare requests and transactions
- Inheriting adapters and entities
- Event dispatchers on adapters to intercept crud actions

Others features and more testing and code coverage will come with the next release.

Please come to test this version and tell me what could be improved.

Posted by aKhEnAtHoN 2010-01-14