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 <div class="news">
 	<h3><a href="http://sourceforge.net/p/pdl/news/">Recent News</a></h3>
+<dd><a href="http://mailman.jach.hawaii.edu/pipermail/perldl/2013-May/007940.html">PDL-2.006_02 released with 64bit support</a>
+This is the 2nd release with 64bit index support for testing and evaluation.</dd>
 <dd><a href="http://mailman.jach.hawaii.edu/pipermail/perldl/2013-May/007934.html">PDL-2.006_01 released with 64bit support</a>
 This CPAN Developers release makes the latest PDL git with 64bit index support available for general use, test, feedback, and development.  Please give it a try!</dd>