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Release Notes for PDL-IO-HDF5 0.65 --------------------------

General Notes:

 * Fix missing META data information to index PDL::IO::HDF5
   since it is provided by hdf5.pd which is not recognized
   by CPAN indexers.


 * Identical to PDL-IO-HDF5-0.64, otherwise.

Release Notes for PDL-IO-HDF5 0.64 --------------------------

General Notes:

 * This is an update release to PDL::IO::HDF5 with
   improved platform detection and build process.

 * New features and tests (thanks to Andrew Benson)


 * New features:
   - Unlinking of datasets
   - Extensible datasets
   - Creation of scalar references
   - Automatic dereferencing of scalar references
   - Support for longlong integer attributes and datasets

 * Improved packaging, platform and build:
   - Better HDF5 library detection on cygwin
   - Added longlong tests
   - Other cleanup and fixs