Commit Date  
[65f11e] by cerney cerney

Modified BuildGroupIndex to build the index for all groups, even if some of the groups don't have all the attributes defined.

2003-01-29 15:48:15 Tree
[83b272] by cerney cerney

Preparation for next release.

2002-09-17 17:46:14 Tree
[46c4a0] by cerney cerney

Modified to not try to calc the number of elements for 0-d datasets

2002-08-07 14:29:56 Tree
[bb4993] by cerney cerney

Modified to properly display 0-dim datasets

2002-08-07 14:25:11 Tree
[64b037] by cerney cerney

Fixed bug in calling of _buildGruopIndex.

2002-08-05 20:23:01 Tree
[ff19c9] by cerney cerney

Added copyright file.

2001-07-10 14:30:23 Tree
[48c853] by cerney cerney

Changed the name from PDL::HDF5 to PDL::IO::HDF5 to be consistent with other PDL IO interfaces.

2001-06-11 21:27:06 Tree
[3cf0a5] by cerney cerney

Renamed total_index.t to ztotal_index.t to ensure that this test is run after total.t creates the hdf5 file.

2001-04-08 02:40:08 Tree
[b30b6a] by cerney cerney

Fixed to work with perl 5.6. Fixed problem with objects getting destroyed
before they should. Made member data between the helper objects more consistent

2001-04-08 02:25:39 Tree
[fa9c65] by cerney cerney

Fixed calling of close functions in the object DESTROYS. This creates problems elsewhere, not fixed yet.

2001-04-07 03:35:50 Tree
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