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PDL::IO::HDF5, version 0.2

From The Man Pages:

     PDL::IO::HDF5 - PDL Interface to the HDF5 Data Format.

     This package provides an object-oriented interface for the
     PDL package to the HDF5 data-format. Information on the
     HDF5 Format can be found at the NCSA's web site at .

     Currently this interface only provides a subset of the total
     HDF5 library's capability.

    o Only HDF5 Simple datatypes are supported. No HDF5 Compound
      datatypes are supported since PDL doesn't support them.

    o Only HDF5 Simple dataspaces are supported.

    o Only 0-dimensional (i.e. scalar) attributes are supported.
      (Support for PDLs as attributes could possibly be added

Also Included:

An experimental module for interactive viewing of HDF5 files
using perl/tk is also included. The file tkviewtest is a short
demo of this capability.

The following are required for installation:

-- PDL v2.004

-- HDF5 version 1.2.0


Installation should be the normal:

perl Makefile.PL
make test

(as root)
make install


Tbe idea for this module is based on the code of Doug Hunt's PDL::netCDF module.