Pdl Graphics Plplot Log

Commit Date  
[9bcce7] (4.3 kB) by David Mertens David Mertens

Added Doug's v 0.52 changes into the repository.

2009-11-23 13:08:46 View
[a07fd6] (1.7 kB) by Doug Hunt Doug Hunt

PLplot fixes and patch to Basic/Primitive/Makefile.PL for srand

2008-10-17 21:03:08 View
[8448aa] (872 Bytes) by Doug Hunt Doug Hunt

Updated PLplot interface to perl 5.8.2 and plplot 5.2.1. Fixed two small
bugs (one in primitive.pd, the other in misc.pd) which cause warnings during
'make test' under perl 5.8.2.

2003-11-22 00:25:05 View
[73fa44] (408 Bytes) by Doug Hunt Doug Hunt

Moved PLplot interface to PDL distro. Had been a separate CPAN module.
Cleaned up pgplot.t test file to not fail ungracefully in case pgplot is
not installed.

2003-03-03 20:57:54 View