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 0.38  10/16/2008 Fixed typo in Makefile.PL that broke build, added plgvpd and plgvpw interfaces
+0.39  10/29/2008 Added lib64 paths back in to PLplot library search path.
+0.40  12/04/2008 Fixed interface to plgcol0, changed plParseOpts to use c_plparseopts (the current standard)
+                 Added interface to plhlsrgb.
+                 Ported back some changes from PDL-2.4.4 release for backwards compatibility with old plplot
+0.41  12/04/2008 Added VERSION in plplot.pd where you can query it from the command line:
+                 perl -MPDL::Graphics::PLplot -e 'print "$PDL::Graphics::PLplot::VERSION\n"'
+0.42  12/04/2008 Added plimagefr support to allow complete plplot example x20.pl to work.
+0.43  12/05/2008 Added support for environment variables:  PLPLOT_LIBDIR and PLPLOT_INCDIR
+                 to allow the user to specify the plplot location.
+0.44  12/05/2008 Added plseed and plrandd interfaces
+0.45  12/10/2008 Fixed routines: plgcol0,  plgcolbg,  plscmap0,  plscmap1
+                                 plgcol0a, plgcolbga, plscmap0a, plscmap1a
+                 To handle output parms and SIZE parms consistently
+                 Added 3D labelling functions for example 28.
+0.46  12/11/2008 Added font handling routines:  plgfont, plsfont, plgfci, plsfci
+0.47  12/18/2008 Added band-aid to get_standard_pltrcb to avoid failure in plshades reported
+                 by Orion Poplawski.  Also added interface to plcalc_world and fixed interface to plgfnam.
+0.48  1/7/2009   Allow caller of 'colorkey' high level function to set XBOX or YBOX to set
+                 color key number scale parameters.  Also added logic to allow detection of
+                 new plplot routines to prevent failure with plplot 5.9 and earlier.
+0.49  2/26/2009  Fix zero-divide bug in plcolorpoints
+0.50  06/15/2009 Took out logic depending upon $PDL::Config{WITH_PLPLOT} (which is set in the
+                 PDL top-level Makefile.PL) for building and testing PDL::Graphics::PLplot.
+                 This dependency required that PLplot detect and build correctly in the original
+                 PDL compile.  One should be able to install PDL::Graphics::PLplot later.
+                 Also stripped a lot of cruft from plplot.t which seems not to be necessary for
+                 more recent plplot versions.
+0.51  7/13/2009  Added logic to manage a PLstream pool instead of just incremenenting the pool number
+                 with each call to 'new'.  This allows one to re-use stream numbers after a call to
+                 'close'.  Bug found by Marek Gierlinski.
+0.52  11/03/2009 Fixes for 64 bit machines:  plFree2dGrid, plFreeGrid, plAllocGrid, plAlloc2dGrid, pltr0, pltr1, pltr2
+                 Now compiler complains less.

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