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-This module provides bindings to the FFTW version 2.x library
-(the original API).  It was originally part of the PDL distribution
-As of Aug 2013, it has been spun off into its own distribution for
-improved portability and to make way for FFTW3.
+The the PDL::FFTW module provides bindings to the FFTW
+version 2.x library (the original API) which is now obsolete.
+PDL::FFTW3 provides the bindings to the current FFTW3 API.
-This module requires these other modules and libraries:
-This module needs the perl PDL module and the FFTW library
-version 2 installed.  FFTW is a free C FFT library including
-multi-dimensional, real, and parallel transforms.
-See http://www.fftw.org/ for the sources and directions
-for how to build the module.
-This module is not compatible with the current FFTW3 API.
-Please edit the fftw.conf file to change the configuration
-options repeats from that file here for convenience:
-   # Location to search for the FFTW libs, overrides default if defined
-   FFTW_LIBS => undef,    # [ '/lib','/usr/lib','/usr/local/lib'],
-   # Location to find FFTW includes, overrides default if defined
-   FFTW_INC => undef,     # ['/usr/include/','/usr/local/include'],
-   # FFTW Numeric Precision Type to link in: (double or single precision)
-   FFTW_TYPE => 'double', # 'single'
-To install this module type the following:
-   perl Makefile.PL
-   make
-   make test
-   make install
+This distribution only exists to inform potential users of
+this fact and to direct them to versions of the module on
+BackPAN at http://backpan.perl.org/authors/id/C/CH/CHM/
 Copyright (C) 1999 Christian Pellegrin, 2000 Christian Soeller,
-and 2013 Chris Marshall.
+and 2015 Chris Marshall.
 All rights reserved. There is no warranty.  This library is free
 software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same