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 t 2013-08-05 Chris Marshall Chris Marshall [f1f585] Mv t/fftw.t to Lib/FFTW/t to create separate PD...
 Makefile.PL 2011-12-21 Chris Marshall Chris Marshall [2658d4] Fix FFTW detect problem for SPP
 Readme 1999-12-09 Tim Pickering Tim Pickering [ac0663] Initial revision
 fftw.pd 2013-04-11 Dima Kogan Dima Kogan [6cd2c3] fftw.pd: fixed typo

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Interface to FFTW 2.x for PDL.
Copyright 1999 Christian Pellegrin.
This is free software with no warranty,
see COPYING in the source root of PDL.

Please report any bugs to <>