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=head1 The PDL Book

This POD shows how to get a local copy of the PDL Book, and what
programs you need to use to compile HTML and PDF versions of the book.

=head2 Using C<git> to access the PDL Book

The Book source is in POD format and can be read online in the git
repository at:


To get a local copy on your computer, use:

    git clone git://pdl.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pdl/pdl-book

=head2 Making a PDF from the POD - Installing C<pod2pdf>

The repository does not automatically generate a PDF version of the Book
from the POD files in it, so if you do see a C<book.pdf> file in there,
it's almost certainly not built on the latest PODs.

To make a PDF version of the book, you need to install the Perl modules
C<Image::Size>, C<File::Type> and finally C<pod2pdf>. I use the C<CPAN>

    sudo cpan
    install Image::Size
    install File::Type
    install App:pod2pdf

All images are included in the PODs as HTML tags. A small script
can convert these tags into PDF tags suitable for C<pod2pdf>.

If you want to make the PDF version of the book, you can then


This produces the files C<FrontPage.pdf> and C<Chapter??.pdf> files.
These can be read individually or combined with C<pdfjam> or any
software that can join individual PDF files together.

=head2 Adding new material and getting write access to the PDL Book

You need to have a sourceforge account, and be authorised by one of the
PDL gurus to have access to this repository. When you have both of these
things, clone this URL:

    git clone ssh://USERNAME@pdl.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/pdl/pdl-book

where USERNAME is your sf.net username. When you've downloaded it, do:

    cd pdl-book
    <edit files and make modifications>
    git add <file>

Check with:

    git status
    git commit . # this stages your file and readies it for the push
    git status # check one more time....
    git push # send it off to the master origin repo

To update your local repository and working copy to the latest revision
committed to the remote repository, you need to execute C<git pull>.
This pulls all of the changesets down from the remote repository and
merges them with your current changes (if there are any).

To delete a file from the repository (careful there, Ted) you do a:

    git rm --cached <file>
    git commit <file>
    git push

You can wait on the git push for other changes in your current session.

Read L<Overview> to see notes on style and how to generate figures for
the PDL Book.