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--- a/Overview.pod
+++ b/Overview.pod
@@ -41,10 +41,7 @@
 Make an 8-bit color PNG with width 800 pixels and add this line in the
-    =for html <p><img width="400" alt="" src="path_to_image/image.png"/></p>
-(Insert 3 blank lines after any =for html call so that HTML rendering looks and works better.)
+    =for html <img WIDTH=400 src="path_to_image/image.png">
 Longer explanation:
@@ -57,9 +54,6 @@
 that will automatically add the correct pod formatting code for a PDF image
 afterwards. This is done because C<podchecker> complains about the pod
 formatting code for the PDF image.
-The <p></p>, alt="", and width="400" (cf WIDTH=400) elements make the
-html output valid XHTML.
 =head2 Book

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