#46 add multi-image support to PDL::IO::Pnm


The current PDL::IO::Pic is based on the NetBPM converters to and from PNM formats.
The existing implementation does not appear to support multi-image PNM files
which would be very useful for data pipelines and multi-image TIFF conversions.

A first implementation would be to simply extend the existing rpnm/wpnm
routines to take an already open handle instead of a file as input. Then it
would be possible to read or write to a pipe the sequence of PNM images.


  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2011-05-16

    Here is an example of using readflex() to read a sample
    20 frame movie TIFF by piping from the output of the
    tifftopnm command:

    $hdim = 190;
    $vdim = 293;
    $nframes = 20;
    $small = readflex('tifftopnm small.tif 2>/dev/null |', [ { Type=>'byte', NDims=>2, Dims=>[15+190*293,20] } ]);
    $movie = $small(15:-1);

    The general implementation would need to add
    runtime determination of the image dimensions
    and movie duration. The example of the output
    is attached to this ticket.

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2011-05-16

    output movie from tifftopnm IO process

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2013-01-02
    • assigned_to: nobody --> marshallch
  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2013-01-02

    Putting myself on this task since I've made some progress with the various pieces of a solution. Don't know if there will be enough 'tuits' to finish for PDL-2.4.12.


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