#14 improved type support for Complex


There have been several requests for improved numerical support for complex data types in PDL over the years. The current PDL::Complex capability provides partial support but with an implementation of complex data elements as having the largest stride in the piddle. Most other languages have gone to complex types as adjacent (real, imag) values. It would be nice to extend PDL support more uniformly for complex valued calculations.


  • David Mertens

    David Mertens - 2010-02-22

    I have thought about this a bit. Couldn't we subclass a the PDL class so that it would dimensions (a,b,c,...,2)? If users restrict their creation of such data types to the PDL::Complex datatype, then this could even be used transparently with GSL's complex data types.

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2010-07-25

    FFTW3 and GSL both offer considerable support for complex data
    calculations. This would mainly be a refactoring of the existing
    functionality to inter-operate seamlessly with those 2 libraries
    (and others) to provide full complex computation support.

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2010-08-01

    Lower priority---this is not on the PDL-2.4.7 critical path.

  • Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall - 2010-08-01
    • priority: 4 --> 3

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