#318 Need INSTALLSITEBIN for recent Macports Perls

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Derek Lamb

This ticket is to track an issue with recent Macports Perls that causes EU::MM to install the pdl, pdl2, perldl, & pdldoc executables into a location not typically in a user's path (e.g., /opt/local/libexec/perl5.14/sitebin instead of /opt/local/bin). See http://trac.macports.org/ticket/36980 and http://mailman.jach.hawaii.edu/pipermail/perldl/2012-November/007383.html.

It may be possible to detect these conditions when building the Makefile, since the 'uname' flag in perl -V will show 'apple.com' for the stock Apple Perl, and 'macosforge.org' for MacPorts. Also, the compilation date (2012-06-25 or later), or perhaps more simply just checking for the existence of a sitebin or vendorbin compile options.


  • Derek Lamb

    Derek Lamb - 2013-10-08
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
    • Group: --> critical
  • Derek Lamb

    Derek Lamb - 2013-10-08

    Closing as "wont-fix". Basically, users should not be manually installing their own perl modules into the MacPorts perl tree; they should instead be installed into another location outside the MP directories (e.g., ~/perl5 or similar). While there still may be an issue with where MP places Perl executable scripts, that is a MP issue, not a PDL issue.


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