Both modules are part of the PDL::Stats package. You get them when you install PDL::Stats. On windows the installation process often skips these two modules because it can't find the gsl libs. You can download the pdl-stats ppm from sysphus' repo where it's compiled against gsl so have all the modules.

As to gaps, you can use bad value. Or if it's something like discreet vs. continuous distribution you can also warn the user about the expected input or value range, then bail out on it.


On Jul 23, 2012 5:01 PM, "Boyd Duffee" <> wrote:
Hi all,

In the pod for PDL::Stats, it says that PDL::Stats is a short cut for
<modules> and _if installed_ use PDL::Stats::Distr and use PDL::GSL::CDF
Both of these modules sound like something that I'd like to use, but I
can't find them on cpan.  Any idea where I could get my hands on them?

I'm building up probability distributions in order to fit power law
exponents to the curves.  I can't guarantee to have a point for each x
value in the curve, so I'm assuming that I'd need to use bad values for
those gaps.  Any suggestions?

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