Is this project alive ? // DOS

  • Aususa_Admin

    If yes, I might try to download some executables, test them,
    and report bugs.

    Please release occasionally some executables (preferably [Free-]DOS (I DO prefer free software, I mean of course 32-bit DOS code, ideally DOS/32A extender), Worst choice Wingdows) of version 0.40 or 0.41. 

    PDF->HTML conversion is a very useful thing :-)

    Tested 0.33 and was obsolete and buggy. Will 0.40 work better ?

    • Tyson Blair
      Tyson Blair

      Yes, This project is alive but i dont support freedos/dos

      Yes vesion 0.40 should work alot better then version 0.33.
      the results from version 0.40 should be more like the pdf is.