Need help on Linux

  • Sergiu S. Simmel

    Hi! I am testing pdftohtml on Linux. Have compiled it and seems to be running. However, for most of the test PDF files, it does not produce any image files (jpegs). I am NOT running it with -c. It produces HTML files, but the layout is hardly adequate -- it does not resemble the PDF layout at all.

    I must be doing something fundamentally wrong here, because I get a sense from others that this should be working much better than what I am experiencing.

    Anyone can give me some help, please?

    Thank you.

    • Mikhail Kruk

      Mikhail Kruk - 2004-07-03

      um... use -c?

  • enscric

    enscric - 2012-01-06

    Where can i find pdf file to html file converter for linux OS…

  • Clemens

    Clemens - 2012-01-10

    Hi ensric, poppler is a new (going on) distribution, mainly for linux! It's like this project still live on in poppler.
    Read more about directly at its home
    or in the thread I created about.


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